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Monoblox screen system

AV Stumpfl simplifies large scale projection with Monoblox® - the mobile projection screen choice of the world’s leading rental and staging companies with a foldable aluminium frame.

This large screen system is lightweight, fits into a small carrying case, has no loose parts or cables and can be intuitively set up by a single person.

Mobile projection screens featuring easier handling, quicker setup, lower acquisition and operating costs and yet a higher resolution image quality over fixed display solutions.

Austrian manufacturing precision, best picture quality and intuitive operation are the key features of this award winning product.

16 : 9 screens

Monoblox 9'5" x 5'7"

Monoblox 12'8" x 7'5"

Monoblox 16'8" x 9'8"

4 : 3 screens

Monoblox 8'8" x 6'8"

Monoblox 12'8" x 9'8"